Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Psychotics In Positions of Power, The New Crusades

Nutcases in charge.
Museum director in Russia fined and threatened with jail for displaying art that some religious types found objectional.

Think it can't happen here?

Nutcases in school.
If this bill becomes law, Republicans in Florida will have erased several centuries of progress.

Nutcases in the museums.
IMAX now Kow tows to religious kooks.

What's next? How soon until non-believers are burned at the stake?

Friday, March 25, 2005

Oh God Stop

If I told you invisible monkeys lived in my butt, you would be justified in thinking I was nuts. But if I tell you that an invisible, super-powerful, all-knowing creature that lives way up high is watching and judging my every move and your every move and every move of everyone on the entire planet and may even be fixing to kill us all only to bring the ones he really likes to live with him (after killing them too, of course) in his kingdom in the sky for ever and ever, chances are you'd be cool with that.

Which is the more preposterous claim?

More evidence is available to support which claim? Evidence, please remember, is not "a lot of people agree that it's true." If a number of people agree that a space ship will pick up their Nike footed corpses after they eat poison pudding, that doesn't make it true.

I'm really tired of kooks influencing my life. My calendar is ruled by superstitious holidays. What I'm allowed to see on TV, or in a theater is subject to the whims of cannibal psychopaths who like to pretend they're eating a real person and drinking his blood. The government of my country has been taken over by self-interested nutjobs who take obscene advantage of the concept of morality (and the lives of innocent people) in order to further their own selfish, political agendas, all under the guise of piety. I can't even sneeze without delusional dimwits invoking the name of their imagined deity. It's all utter bullshit and I'm sick of it.

Just stop.

Let's evolve. It'll be nice. Trust me. We'll need to kill each other less often. We'll have more time for video games, and the games will be better, too. Science will be able to work faster and more efficiently when it doesn't have to mold its findings into a pre-conceived notion. That means we'll have more efficient everything, but most important: we won't have to pay $3 for a gallon of fuel. Blowing off religion really will be better for everyone.

All religion does is foster hate and division. Seriously, it's no good. Just quit it.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Straight Jacket Hill

One day, shortly after moving to Novato, I saw an apparition of a man in a straight jacket standing on the hill that separates Novato from San Rafael. I was northbound and the hill in question was on the left, the west side of 101.

I assume it was an apparition. I can think of no reason why anyone would dress themselves that way (or be dressed that way by others, I suppose) and stand there, legs shoulder width apart, facing south. And I certainly saw it. It was not something I glimpsed sidelong, a trick of the light, or a 5-point buck that I mistook. No, I had plenty of time to look right at it and even look around briefly to see if any of my fellow motorists had spotted it. None appeared to.

A sign of insanity? Well, I suppose so. But what is sane, anyway? Is it sane to criminalize marijuana, an herb that has never killed anyone, and allow alcohol and tobacco, two drugs that kill thousands outright every year and contribute to the demise of thousands more all over the world, to be purchased openly almost anywhere? Or is it sane to attribute virtue to someone simply because he or she is wealthy? Or elect clearly corrupt people to public office? No, of course it isn't. We live in an insane world.

If I start seeing or hearing things that encourage me to behave irrationally (like, listening to Garth Brooks or Britney Spears, or eating at McDonalds, or believing anything our president says) then I'll consider seeking treatment. But even then, I'll probably hold back. Those that make their living treating nutcases often turn out to be nutcases themselves, or so I believe.

Besides, Salvador Dalí saw apparitions, and he did some nice work. Maybe I need to start painting. I think I will.

Like Dalí's apparitions, I see this one as a symbolic message from my subconscious. I believe it is telling me that I bound to Novato, that it will be my home for the rest of my life. And I'm OK with that. Of course, that's how I like to think of it. I wonder about other interpretations, too. A man in a straight jacket can actually walk around; it's just his arms that are bound. So he can't be productive. Maybe Novato is holding me back. Maybe I'm supposed to be doing something really heavy right now, something that will change the world, and, like, bring about a new world order and feed all the starving children and silence the stupid people, and, and, and...

Then again, maybe I'm just nuts.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Long Way of Getting Things Done

Every bleeding heart liberal in the country can beg and cry and whine and plead until they're blue in the mouth and none of the noise they make will ever have an impact on the whims of American bureaucracy. However, if the United States Military says they want something, absolutely nothing will limit the amount of (our) money they'll spend to get it.

I'd say it was the long way there, but here's hoping something good comes of it. From what I've heard, the real issue is the fuel cell, or rather the materials needed to make one: platinum more often than not. It's hard to mass produce something that's made from rare materials.