Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cars Suck

They do. Sorry if you have a favorite, but it sucks as well. Personally, I've always thought the AC Cobra was a badass ride (the 289 will do just fine), but it sucks, too. Apparently, the gasoline combustion engine is only around 25% efficient (I assume this goes for diesel engines as well). I know this is true because I looked it up on the Web and the Web never lies. So the next time you hear someone talking about fuel efficiency, just yawn and shake your head. Our automobiles waste three fourths of what we put into their tanks, and that's a crying shame.


Anonymous sRazor said...

The conversion of gasoline to energy is ~%98 efficient, the problem is most of it is heat.

12:44 AM  
Blogger fugginWad said...

When gasoline is vaporized, introduced to the combustion chamber, and ignited under pressure, the resulting explosion releases a number of joules of energy that represents a 98% return on the mass of said gasoline leaving only 2% waste fumes (exhaust)? Is that what you're saying? Cuz I could believe that.

It's just that from the moment the explosive force shoves the piston down the cylinder, turns the crank shaft, turns gears in the transmission, spins shafts and u-joints or cv-joints, until finally rotating a wheel and moving the jalopy out of its own way, that energy is mostly wasted. And it's disappointing that so many people are cool with that.

Maybe if there was a tiny engine in each wheel, we could up that number. Combustion engines probably wouldn't fit. But we should be moving away from them anyway. That's ancient technology. Furthermore, our addiction to petroleum has become a nuisance.

Sucks, I tell you.

3:15 AM  

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