Monday, December 18, 2006

Blowing This Turkey Dump

Following FP's lead, and moving this crap to Wordpress. Check it out.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why Atheism Always Loses

No affiliation, no iconography, no language.

It's more than just not having a club; atheism is wholly not an organization. While atheists may be referred to as a group, no real group exists, nor will ever form. Small collectives of determined intellectuals, no doubt, may give lie to that statement, but not in sufficient numbers to be of concern, numbers theism can muster with ease. Groups form around beliefs, and atheism is emphatically not about belief. It's about disbelief, and that is very different.

What's your next tattoo going to be? Piece of jewelry? How will you decorate your home? What will be the central theme of the greatest examples of architecture in your town? Utilitarian? Yeah, right. For the big time bang-for-your-buck oh-gosh effect, it's hard to beat religious and mystical imagery. We want to see the symbols and glyphs of magical other-worlds. We want to imagine the suffering of our savior. We want our hearts filled with the hope of unfulfillable promises. We love that kind of stuff. We really do. The more ridiculous it is, the better we like it.

Dogma charges the images initially, then we attach our own meanings and associations. In this way the icons take on a life of their own: starting out as nothing more than a few squiggles carved by savages millennia ago and ultimately forming the perfect imaginary vessel in which to preserve all our imaginary notions.

OMG! Even the ruthless and unstoppable destruction of language that is the Internet can't lessen the value of invoking a deity as an exclamation! The reptilian appeal of the god concept satisfies on a gut level during moments of passion that no amount of logic or factual evidence will ever be able to touch.

And the books are important, too. All the theisms have their central text and it goes without saying that no central text for atheism exists, nor will one ever.

Atheism is indefensible. Saying that no war will ever be fought in atheism's name, though perfectly true, implies a false predicate: that atheism has a name. It doesn't. Atheism will never assuage our fears of the unknown, never tell us that we're special, never justify our over-zealous love/abject hatred of ourselves and one another. It's a concept as difficult to understand as the zero must have been for the ancient Greeks. And the popular intellect will never, ever be able to grasp it; nor will they want to.

Atheism is dead.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Too Funny

Picture of Santorum Losing with his whole fam-damily gathered 'round. via

Loving the cross between stupefied-amazement and rectal over-tension that Specs is wearing on the right. But Mom's Jimmy Cagney sneer is awesome, too.